About Us

On the Cutting Edge

Imaginary Colours was one of the first companies to enter the LED lighting industry. For nearly 20 years Imaginary Colours (and its sister company, Inirgee) have introduced unique and innovative products to countless firms and individuals worldwide and continues its culture of innovation, energy conservation, and forward-thinking.

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Imaginary Colours has built its reputation on providing old-fashioned customer service. 

You will notice that our product listings give a lot of details. Though we are far from perfect, we have taken care to be accurate with the photos, measurements and every detail. Most of the time, we have actually personally plugged in and personally evaluated the items listed on our site. 

If you can't find something or need more info, you can rely on talking or emailing  with a customer service representative based in USA.

We welcome your questions and will do our best to help you complete your creative projects.

About the Owner

Imaginary Colours' founder, G. Tom Tsao, has been a fan of Christmas lights ever since he was a little kid. It is not surprising, then, that he should be in the lighting business today.

However, Tom has a strong appreciation for nostalgia, and enjoys window shopping at antique and thrift stores. He prefers the sound of records over MP3s and he also owns a 1963 aluminum Christmas tree complete with 150 watt color wheel. In this sense, it is ironic that he is also interested in the most technologically advanced lighting in history.

Tom has a Bachelor's degree in Business: Human Resources Management, and has over 25 years' experience running his own businesses and charitable endeavors.