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LED Christmas Light Strings and Bulbs

C3 Cone Shape

C3 Cone shape LED Chrstmas lights

We have the unique and somewhat retro looking C3 "Diamond Cut" LED light strings. C3 LED Christmas lights are cone shaped, and smaller than C6, C7 and C9.
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Newest Technology SMD Bulbs

SMD C7 retrofit bulb

The newcomer on the scene is the Surface Mount Diode, or SMD LED. The SMD emits more light for less energy consumption, and projects smoother, unrippled light because there is no need for a plastic lens over each LED.

This cutting edge design is found on ImaginaryColours' Retrofit C7 & C9 SMD bulbs.

Retrofit Bulbs

ImaginaryColours is known for carrying the highest-quality LED lights, and our Retrofit bulbs are truly premium grade.

C7 LED Christmas Lights come in Faceted, Opaque (Frosted), and Smooth Transparent styles. C9 LED Christmas Lights come in Faceted and Opaque (Frosted) styles. Globe-shaped bulbs also available.

Novelty LED Light Strings

Tinsel Ball Globe LED Christmas Light String

Novelty LED Light Strings is the department to check out if you want something unusual or whimsical.  

Unusual shapes, designs, color-changing effeccts, you name it! Look here to see stuff you probably haven't seen before.

Snowfall & Blizzard Lights

LED Snowfall lights blizzard tubes meteor tube

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Auto Boat 12 Volt LED Light Strings

12 volt led Christmas light strings

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